2023 Summer schools promoted by the Hub:

Please contact your supervisor if you are considering attending one of these Summer schools.

Recently completed PhD courses

  • IIoT Summer school on Fog computing and Industry 4.0
  • Nordic Hub IoT Summer School: Edge and Fog Computing (2.5 ECTS)
  • Nordic Hub IoT Summer School: Cyber Physical Systems (2.0/4.0 ECTS)
  • Nordic Hub IoT Summer School: Robot motion generation and control

PhD courses available through the Nordic Five Tech

Nordic Five Tech (N5T) is an exclusive, strategic alliance of the five leading technical universities in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.
A number of joint projects have been launched to support the vision of N5T as an extended campus. One of them is this joint PhD course database. The aim of this initiative is to increase mobility for our PhD students within the five universities and further strengthen the alliance by encouraging more research cooperation.If you are a PhD student at one of the five N5T universities you do not have to pay for participating in courses registered in this database. Please note that the database also includes nontechnical PhD courses.


Advance notice:

The dates for the CPS summer school are now set. The summer school will be arranged on the 10-14/6, responsible for the event is Martin Edin Grimheden mjg@kth.se

FORA Training School
SC1 Societal Challenges and Industry 4.0
SC2 Fog Computing and Networking
SC3 Resource Management and Middleware in the Fog


34393 Ph.D. Course in Design of Mobile Backhaul Networks

34346 Network technologies and application development for Internet of Things

IoT prototyping. Proof of Concept for your Telecom IoT Project