PhD projects affiiated to the Nordic IoT Hub:


  1. Next generation SDN/NFV-based Management of Service
    Eder Ollora Zaballa, DTU
  2. 5G-based steering of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
    Bekkouche Oussama, Aalto
  3. Communication in Real-Time Multicore Systems
    Oktay Baris, DTU
  4. Energy conservation in 5G networks using DRX
    Farnaz Moradi, LTH
  5. Latency Critical Networking
    Zifan Zhou, DTU
  6. Design, optimization and control of self-driving networked systems
    Haorui Peng, LTH
  7. Optimization and control of networked systems for autonomous vehicle applications
    Zarah Chamideh, LTH
  8. Ultra-reliable and low-latency networked systems aimed for time-critical services in an Industry 4.0 environment
    Fatemeh Akbarian, LTH
  9. Ultra reliable loT network for mission-critical applications
    Kalpit Dilip Ballal, DTU
  10. 5G network slicing strategies for a smart factory
    Jaspreet Walia, Aalto
  11. Towards Mitigating the Impact of UAVs on Cellular Communications
    Hellaoui Hamed, Aalto
  12. Architectures and safety for automated vehicles
    Naveen Mohan, KTH
  13. Reliable and Trustworthy IoT Networks
    Zang Mingyuan, DTU
  14. Security architecture for low-latency large-scale 5G communication networks
    Daniel Alberto Dik Rodriguez, DTU
  15. System architecture for future mobile networks
    Aleksander Pruski, DTU
  16. Utilizing 5G technology in Industry 4.0 applications
    Diaa Jadaan, NTNU
  17. Ultra-reliable network architecture for autonomous transport systems
    Stanley Chukwuebuka Nwabuona, DTU
  18. Reliable and Secure M2M/IoT Communication Engineering
    Radheshyam Singh, DTU
  19. Heterogeneous Compute Infrastructure
    Ezzat Zalzala, LTH


  1. Resource Management in Fog Computing for Industrial Applications
    Mohammadreza Barzegaran, DTU
  2. Feedback Control in Cyber-Physical Systems
    Gautham Nayak Seetanadi, LTH
  3. Security for embedded real-time systems
    Nils Vreman, LTH
  4. Edge computing
    Jussi Hanhirova, Aalto
  5. Autonomous learning camera systems in resource constrained environments
    Alexandre Martins, LTH
  6. Reliable Architecture for Future Smart Communities
    Krzysztof Mateusz Malarski, DTU
  7. Security in Fog Computing
    Michele de Donno, DTU
  8. Open source Fog Node: hardware support for virtualization
    Eleftherios Kyriakakis, DTU
  9. Information security for operational safety in Industry 4.0 based production
    Jan Sramota, NTNU
  10. Fog Computing Security
    Koen Pieter Tange, DTU
  11. Configuration of Autonomous Vehicle System Platforms for Safety-Critical Applications
    Niklas Reusch, DTU
  12. Management of Predictable Fog Computing Systems
    Jaakko Harjuhahto, Aalto
  13. Automated vehicle planning in edge-based collaborative CPS
    Jose Sanchez, KTH
  14. Architectures for edge-based CPS
    Rusyadi Ramli, KTH
  15. Information handling in Industrial IoT
    Suleyman Sadikhov, LTH
  16. Capacity planning and resource management for on-demand vehicular fog computing in urban environment
    Mao Wencan, Aalto
  17. Languages and Tools for Scalable Streaming at the Edge
    Gareth Callanan, LTH


  1. Intersection of cloud computing, telecom, and control theory
    Viktor Millnert, LTH
  2. Control-based resource management in the distributed cloud
    Tommi Nylander, LTH
  3. Mission critical cloud
    Per Skarin, LTH
  4. Event-Based Cloud Control
    Johan Ruuskanen, LTH
  5. 5G Mobile Networks Optimization using Cloud-RAN architecture
    Line Maria Pyndt Hansen, DTU
  6. Event-Based Control and State Estimation
    Marcus Thelander Andrén, LTH
  7. Towards a service-oriented framework supporting MBSE tool-chain development
    Lu Jinzhi, KTH
  8. State estimation and motion planning of non-linear systems
    Marcus Greiff, LTH
  9. Autonomous Systems and Software
    Claudio Mandrioli, LTH
  10. Digital twins
    Juuso Autiosalo, Aalto
  11. Human-machine Interface incorporating Extended Reality Systems for Digital Twin-based Services
    Xinyi Tu (Joyce), Aalto
  12. Cloud computing
    Max Nyberg Carlsson, LTH


  1. Distributed real-time operational data analytics
    Jia Qian, DTU
  2. Data Analytics for Cyber-physical Systems: Current Situation and Strategies for Action
    Didem Gürdür, KTH
  3. Machine Learning for Autonomous Data Centers
    Albin Heimerson, LTH
  4. Distributed machine learning at the edge
    Khaoula El Mekkaoui, Aalto
  5. Efficient user generated information management
    Mohammadhassan Safavi, LTH
  6. Optimisation of future mobile communication systems using Deep Learning
    Jakob Thrane, DTU
  7. Neoro-adaptive Digital Learning
    Constantina Ioannou, DTU
  8. Virtual reality for IoT
    Anton Debner, Aalto
  9. Sensor Validation for Non-Stationary Scenarios
    Hossein Darvishi, NTNU
  10. Distributed Detection and Localization
    Gianluca Tabella, NTNU
  11. TBD
    Andrii Berezovskyi, KTH
  12. Smart Manufacturing
    Lifei Tang, KTH
  13. General Purpose AI for Scientific Computing
    Michail Boulasikis, LTH
  14. Autonomous Systems
    Gianfilippo Fornaro, KTH