DTU Compute, at the Technical University of Denmark, is the largest computer science department in Denmark and represents a unique combination of computer science & engineering. DTU Compute is organized in 11 research sections, and participates in Nordic IoT hub with two sections:

DTU – Compute

Embedded Systems Engineering (ESE) is a section at DTU Compute, the largest computer science department in Denmark, consisting of 12 scientific staff (prof. and assoc. prof.), 5 postdocs and 20 PhDs.  ESE focuses on design of modern Industrial IoT systems: real-time systems, fault-tolerant and safety-critical systems, time-critical hardware architectures and deterministic virtualization, Deterministic Ethernet, heterogeneous distributed multi-core architectures and execution platforms; models, methods and tools for the analysis, design and verification of such systems.

DTU – Photonics

Network Technology and Service Platforms (NET) is a research group at DTU Photonics Engineering, a dynamic department with a wide range of research within the field of light, consisting of 8 scientific staff, 2 postdocs and 15 PhD students. NET has focus on communication infrastructures for IoT, including Industrial IoT, e.g., LoRaWAN (Long Range WAN), Sigfox, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Zigbee and extensions to existing mobile networks GSM, LTE-M (Machine-machine) and LTE-N (NB-IoT).