The Hub partners have collected a list of IIoT equipment that can be exploited by the Hub students. It ranges from simple standalone set-ups to fully equipped labs or prototyping facilities. Apart from a brief description of the equipment the students can access user manuals and contact persons for support. Please consult this list of content.

Smart@Helsingborg – The world´s most engaged citizens
Smart@Helsingborg is creating the best opportunities to solve the challenges faced by the city, the businesses, the universities and the citizens.Co-working and co-creating help the city to be more sustainable, creating better services and to improve the quality of life for the citizens.

DTU smart campus
With Smart Campus, we aim to improve learning facilities, create a better and smarter campus, and ultimately test the technology that will be used to build tomorrow’s smart cities. During the DTU Campus development, part of the strategy is to transform DTU into a Smart Campus, where students and researchers are able to use Campus facilities and data to test Smart City technologies.

DTU is very good covered from four out door gateways owned by DTU campus. Here is a link to one of our trackers. Klick on a dot or on a gateway to see range and coverage from a single transmission: Soon geo location will be enabled then no GPS will be needed for rough positioning 🙂

Smart City Hub
‘Smart City Hub’ is a physical place that creates cooperation, meetings and solutions across students, businesses, researchers and Lyngby-Taarbæk Municipality all working with data and hardware on a technical and/or at business level.
In the hub, it is possible to meet like-minded people with different backgrounds, and work, test and match each other on development needs, tools and competencies on Smart City technology. The mantra behind the hub is that everyone contributes with something – with data, ideas, skills, resources or tools.

Fog computing over TSN based on LTE communication


  • DTU: LoRa, IoT Denmark – SigFox, TDC – NB-IoT, TSN infrastructure, Large FPGA + experience, rack to emulate 500 LoRa nodes at a time
  • EIT@LTH: 5G base station
  • Aalto: 5G testbeds – right contacts know about these, IIoT Campus – all sorts of setups
  • Experience with designing own IoT boards: NTNU, DTU (Fontas) Academic licences (Altium Designer), generally expensive. Mixed experience with using far east based manufacturing experience – not very reliable.
  • DTU: Robots from ABB, from Universal Robots and mobile robot platforms, and through the MADE association, DTU has access to “Smart Factory” facilities. DTU also has a Smart Grid demonstrator in DTU’s PowerLabDK. SigFox Lab: Integrated SigFox base station solution with LAN and 3G/4G backhauling for IoT experimentation, and access to SigFox infrastructure in the city of Kgs. Lyngby. LoRa WAN base stations and infrastructure, used for geo-location and tracking.
  • ULUND: Large industrial robot laboratory with a many industrial robots (ABB, Sony), mobile robots, and UAVs, as well as large server capacity in connection with this lab. ULUND Ericsson Research on Cloud, Edge Cloud, and IIoT, and has access to their data center for experimental purposes. We also collaborate with Ericsson on the Calvin Industrial IoT platform.
  • KTH: ITRL—Integrated research Transport Research Lab – including a research concept vehicle for experiments with connected and autonomous vehicles. Test site Stockholm—a site being developed for experiments and testing of intelligent transportation systems, in close collaboration between KTH, Ericsson (contributing 5G and cloud infrastructure) and Scania.
  • AALTO: The ES group is a founding member of the Aalto Industrial Internet Campus and enjoys full access to its facilities. The present setup consists of the AIIC Innovation Lab from School of Engineering, AIIC Process Plant from School of Chemical Technology, Take-5 from School of Electrical Engineering and Aalto Data Science from School of Science.
  • NTNU: has several key IIoT facilities, such as Radio-frequency identification (RFID) lab, Manulab, Industry 4.0 Lab, Industrial Robotics lab (recently established, with several KUKA robots).

The above testbeds/equipments are available upon request (please contact the partner concerned)