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We have broad competences in several areas related to IoT and Cyber-Physical Systems. We have a large network of industrial contacts in Scandinavia and we can bring into the proposal companies with relevant use-cases. Please consult our brokerage overview.

The Nordic countries

To a large extent the Nordic countries have been successful in combining high environmental ambitions, high-income, economic growth, a stable macro economy and social well-being. Therefore, the whole Region works together towards sustainable development, with several impressive achievements already:

  • Common to all four countries is a high share of renewables (hydro, bio, wind, etc.), ranging from 32% to 73% in 2016, relative to the EU28 share of 17%
  • Exceptionally low level of carbon intensity of Nordic electricity <60 gCO2/kWh (EU 447 gCO2/kWh)
  • The Nordic Region has highly developed solutions in areas such as water supply, waste disposal, green town planning, transport, and energy.
  • High level utilization of electric vehicles (2018 market share in e.g. Norway: 31,2%)
  • High Nordic education level: 34% graduates with a tertiary degree (EU19 average: 25%)
  • In the 2016 EC Innovation Scoreboard, the Nordic Region was the most innovative in Europe, not least in terms of clean technologies

IoT technologies will further fuel this transition towards a sustainable Nordic region. IoT has the capability to affect smart cities by improving the infrastructure, control buildings, facilitate energy and water supply, as well as transportation and traffic. However, also smart factories can benefit from IoT by e.g. smart production, energy management, predictive maintenance, etc.

In the 2016 EC Innovation Scoreboard, the Nordic Region was the most innovative in Europe, not least in terms of clean technologies.